Monday, August 20, 2012

My Own Reference...For Later

Post a link in a Comments Box I just discovered you cant drop a page link in a comment box on blogger like we do here. I did and it does not work! I have created a work around that will let you drop a link and it works perfectly LOL;P It is fairly simple. This is the code you drop into the comment box: Title Replace the URL with the URL of the site you are linking to and replace the Title with the title of the site. Easy as pie. Now get out there and comment!!! Example: In my case it goes like this: PicturePerfect


  1. I copied this from Baz's Multiply page...hope he saved it for me too!

  2. LOL Blogger does sometimes assume that you have some knowledge of HTML, but look how fast you are learning and making a go of it.

  3. you can use this on Creative Challenge *hint hint*